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Ena Gaam Parivar

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Gaam Parivar

Established in 1985, Enawalas National Association, as a grass roots organization for the sole purpose of creating a better standard of living for everyone in our village. Our primary goal in the infancy of our organization was to improve our school, Sarder Patel Vidyalay. Through the generous donations of our villagers who immigrated abroad and tireless efforts of the residents in Ena, along with the school staff we were able to improve the school to one of the best schools in Gujarat. Highlighted by a superior teaching faculty, a top notch educational program preparing the students for higher education, safe and reliable school bus system and the pride of having one of the best cricket fields in Gujarat. Today it serves a beacon of hope for younger generations and parents whose children are enrolled in .

In 1988 Enawalas National Association and its members started a groundbreaking method to raise funds to enhance the efforts of the school and also launch a program to increase the water quality and an effective Sewer system for the entire village.  Efforts of many residents foreign and at home have helped in development and success of these programs.

 In 2007 the association decided to change its name to Ena For Seva Usa, Inc. Currently our organization Ena for Seva, USA is due to be legally registered as a 503 (C) (2) charity. This will mean any donation that we receive will be fully deductable to the extent allowed by the laws of USA.

Furthermore our educational trust calld Ena Keravani Samittee which operates the Sardar patel Vidyalaya has the clearance from Reserve Bank of India to get the forign help (FERA-Foreign exchange regulation Act). Also another trust which handles the public works and village development for water, sanitation, etc has also got same kind of clearance(FERA) from Reserve bank of India.

Our future goal for Ena For Seva is trying to maintain the heritage and culture for our second generation. We can accomplish this by organizing the tour of India and holding educational, social and spiritiual seminars and camps by inviting experts and dignitaries from India.

Our most recent endeavour was the construction of Runmukteshwar Panchdevalay Mandir.


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